The Blueprint is designed to examine and share important indicators that affect our local economy. This data-driven knowledge will guide informed decision-making, and will provide opportunities to realize a shared vision, strengthen partnerships and create an economically vibrant future.

The Blueprint Partnership produces annual data-driven and industry-backed reports. The research and data presented in the reports can be used to:

  • identify the jobs that are available and/or needed to expand sectors;
  • identify the knowledge and skills individuals must have to be successful in the jobs;
  • identify the educational and training programs required to develop a skilled workforce.

Additionally these documents will help

  • develop action plans for sector-related work,
  • mobilize the community to act on sector-related work,
  • respond to grants and other funding opportunities
  • inform and engage in public policy,
  • and provide oversight and advising on joint efforts.

The Blueprint Sector Reports identify the key industry sectors that drive our economy

  • Infographic
    • A brief visual overview of the economic activity of the industry sector
  • Summary
    • A narrative summary of the economic and workforce activity of the industry sector
  • County Snapshot
    • A look at the economic impact of the industry sector on the local economy
  • Beyond Snohomish County
    • A look at how the local industry sector in relation to the state, national and global economies
  • Trends
    • A detailed look at the current economic development activity within an industry sector
  • Education & Training
    • A detailed look at the current workforce development activity within an industry sector
  • Quarterly Census on Employment and Wages
    • A detailed look at the current labor market data and statistics within an industry sector
  • Strategic Industry Clusters
    • An overview of key industry clusters found within each industry sector Detailed information on each cluster are found in the Blueprint Cluster Reports
  • STEM
    • A look at STEM education activity within each industry cluster
  • Looking Ahead
    • A detailed narrative that explores the development of action plans for sector-related work and Recommendations for engagement in public policy

The Blueprint Cluster Reports identify the key clusters that build our economy

  • Employment
    • Labor market trends and projections
  • Spending and Activity
    • Economic trends and projections
  • Educational & Training Needs
    • Workforce development
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability
    • Economic development